Is a UPS necessary for your Box Weighing Barcode Labeling System?

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May 18, 2013

Is an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) necessary for your Barcode Box Weigh Labeling, On floor Computer,Checkweigher, Conveyor Scale, HMI, or Grading system?

A customer was having problems with their Barcode Box Weigh Labeling system. It would work fine for a few days and then problems would pop up and information would be lost.

Everything pointed to a software issue.

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After many hours of troubleshooting it was discovered that the plant was experiencing brownouts. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) was installed and the problem was solved.

Homes and businesses can experience electrical disturbances everyday. Even the smallest electrical fluctuation can damage electronic equipment. Power fluctuations can even cause the loss of data stored on computer hard drives.

Blackouts are a total loss of electrical power. A blackout can cause not only computer damage, but also the loss of any data contained on the computer.

Brownouts are a decrease in electrical voltage.

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Brownouts are common and can occur simply by the starting of another machine near your system. Along with electronic damage and data loss, a brownout can cause performance issues that are sometimes extremely hard to diagnose.

Spikes and surges are an increase in electrical voltage. Lightning strikes are often the cause of spikes. Surges are less intense, but often last longer. Both can cause damage to electronics and cause the loss of data.

A UPS can provide protection for all of these possible electrical disturbances and are a cheap insurance to keeping your Barcode Box Weigh Labeling system up and running.

Every Vande Berg Scale Barcode Box Weigh Labeling system comes with a UPS installed as standard equipment.

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