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Mar 10, 2014

Traceability is an interesting concept that is being used by many companies in the meat industry as a way of staying safe from losses due to product defects and recalls. Basically, with traceability, producers are able to prove that they tracked each animal through the plant, which in turn proves that a problem did not originate in their plant, or that it was only the animals from a certain lot that had an issue.

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The big question then is how one accurately traces every single animal through a facility. Many would tell you that they haven’t found a good answer for that yet.

We developed a specific tool to assist: Trolley Vision®.  It is by far the sturdiest and most fool-proof way available of tracing carcass, information while the carcass travels on the trolley through a plant. Trolleys are adapted and each is given a unique pattern that is viewed by cameras at various stations around the plant. When the pattern is read at a station, data taken at that station can easily be linked to that trolley in the database.

vision systems

Often, this system first starts at the hot scale, where carcasses have been cleaned, skinned, and split in preparation for future processing. Some producers even choose to start their trolley tracking at the “just-dead” area where the animal has just been knocked out and bled, often the data starts at the second leg station.  Those who choose to implement tracking at their just-dead station are often weighing the animal to get its full weight to determine whether they are getting the ideal weight out of the entire animal after processing the meat, hides, and offal.

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The Trolley Vision® system follows these carcasses through the rest of the facility until individual cuts of meat are taken off of the trolley. With this vision system in place, you can connect the incoming with the outgoing. On top of that, Trolley Vision®  is capable of helping you with organization as well.

Using Trolley Vision®, we can set up a tracking program that allows you to designate the order that you would like carcasses to be in the cooler. This allows you the capability of automatically sorting carcasses into the cooler, adding to the efficiency of your operation.

For more information about how Trolley Vision® helps solve your traceability issues, contact us.

Trolley Vision for Tracking Carcasses

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