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Sep 19, 2013

In-Motion Checkweighers all perform the same function of checking products to see that they fall into an acceptable weight range, but not all in motion checkweighers are exactly alike or follow the same principles. In the industry, there are actually two typical ways of making a in motion checkweigher that function off of different concepts of weighing and loading. The first one, which we use for all our checkweighing systems, is the concept of mounting a powered conveyor on a load cell based scale device, motor gear box and all.

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light and Reject Mechanism

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light and Reject Mechanism

This is a challenging proposition because the powered conveyor must be light enough to allow proper scale sensitivity, yet large enough to convey the heaviest product the checkweigher will see. The other method that gets used by some companies is to drag a conveyor belt across a weigh bed. This method allows use of heavy duty motors but generally yields poor repeatability results and requires engineering equations which can relate deflection back to weight.

So while they still reject products in a similar fashion, the method we use will give more repeatable results.

Both methods have their ups and downs, but they accomplish the same purpose.

Using the actual scale conveyor mounted onto the load cell helps us to achieve a great level of accuracy and repeatability, which is advantageous when seeking NTEP Approval.

There are not many people who produce NTEP approved in motion checkweighers, but we choose to go that extra step.

In-Motion Checkweighers are not required to be NTEP approved, but it is a great benefit to have.


There are many companies making in motion checkweighers these days, showing that they are becoming more and more of a necessity for certain plants, but we go the extra mile to ensure our product quality and accuracy.

Don’t buy just any old In-motion Checkweigher.

Get in touch with us for the best possible checkweighing experience!

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