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Sep 19, 2013

An in motion checkweigher’s main purpose is to weigh and reject out-of-spec products, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve other purposes as well. It can also work well as part of a larger system by feeding back important information to machines up the line, allowing them to do their job better.

A good example of this would be in a plant producing chubs of ground meat product.

in motion checkweigher

3-Lane Checkweigher verifying hamburger patty weights

When chubs are packaged, they are filled by a pressurized machine which is set to a certain amount of pressure and filling time in order to get the right amount of ground meat. From there, you can pass all of these chubs over a in motion checkweigher to ensure that they meet a minimum fill level.

The rate of the machine output is often roughly two per second, so we make sure that our in motion checkweigher can match that. As the chubs pass over the in motion checkweigher, the scale verifies that they are at an acceptable weight and then rejects them if they are not, but it can also gather information that could benefit the filling machine.

With special diagnostic software that we offer, this process can be optimized for minimum product waste and giveaway. When linked with the checkweigher data, this software can take a sample of a number of chubs crossing the checkweigher and take notice of the filling trends.


For example, the software allows you to specify levels that you have to meet (i.e. one pound of ground meat product) and acceptable levels of overfilling.

The checkweigher can report weights to the software which determines how many packages were overfilled or underfilled. Given this information, the in motion checkweigher can then send a signal (voltage) to the filling machine to adjust its filling parameters. If the in motion checkweigher is rejecting too many products for being underweight, it can tell the filling machine to increase the pressure or fill time to bring the packages to an acceptable level.

In addition, the software can provide daily reports to help the company know their profits and whether they need to perform any maintenance to bring the filling machine up to speed.

An in motion checkweigher is a necessity for its main functions, but its secondary functions shouldn’t be ignored either! There is a lot of money spent on product giveaway and reworking to be saved by using a combination like this.

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