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Oct 9, 2013

When you are in the market for conveyor scales, you may find it difficult to know exactly what to look for, and investing in a new conveyor scale can be a big deal. Fortunately, there are several areas that you can focus on when comparing your options.

Structural integrity is a prime consideration for conveyor scales. For example, stainless steel can hold up to almost any wear that you throw at it and can be made food grade, so it isn’t contaminating products. On the other hand, less resilient metals like aluminum can still live up to certain processes expectations and are more affordable. Just look at our Ecoline™ series of conveyor scales as an example.

Belting is something else to keep in mind. Do you handle food? There are specific types of conveyor belt for food grade.There are different belts for a variety of different products, so it is important that you know the whole spectrum of products that your conveyor is going to be working with.

Of course, you should also know the general weight range of the product as well. The scale’s weight capacity has to be able to handle your largest products. We offer NTEP-certified WeighMore® scales that vary from 10 to 200 lb capacities to fit any of your weighing needs.

Conveyor Scale

Conveyor Scale

Just as important as the capacity is the division size for the scale. The division size tells you a lot about the precision of your measurements. A scale with a smaller division size (more divisions) is more likely to have a precise weight reading than one with fewer divisions. The scales mentioned above have 2000 NTEP divisions.


Last, but not least, you need to consider throughput. Throughput is one of the most important factors for some plants, and you should always ensure that your conveyor speeds and belt selection can move product at the speeds you need. Our conveyor scales can run all the way up to 380 feet per minute.

It is always good to be informed when picking conveyor scales, but we recommend that you get in touch with us. We have a full product line which is guaranteed to have an answer to your conveyor scale necessities, and we also have a dedicated, qualified staff who is ready to work with you to make sure all of the pieces fall into place.

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