How You Can Save Time and Money with a Multi-Lane Checkweigher Scale

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Mar 1, 2013

Does your company have multiple products that need to be check-weighed? Do you wish you could cut costs and save time by speeding up production?

If so, In-Motion Checkweigher Scales may be the perfect fit for you!

Our WeighMore® In-Motion Dual Lane Checkweigher Scale has two scales and can efficiently weigh products from two separate lanes.  This food grade checkweigher scale gives your company fast and efficient outputs in half the time. WeighMore® Checkweigher Scales easily handle multiple products.  Our checkweigher scale can separate products from a single lane and reroute them over each of it’s multiple scales.  Dual lane and three lane checkweigher scales easily group products according to your specifications and quickly remove products that are off weight.

In Motion Checkweigher

3-Lane In-motion checkweigher verifying hamburger patty weights

Checkweigher scales are typically made of high quality stainless steel.  They are produced with food safety and durability in mind.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority and we always manufacture our products to be number one in service, speed, and reliability.Our divert system is top-of-the-line and can be fitted for the most efficient method for your product needs.  We can divert products separately or simultaneously using drop downs or by pushing a product to the side with pull off arms or kicker gates.

All of our checkweigher scales are manufactured to handle almost any product at extremely high speeds.  Our food-grade scales handle packaged products as well as raw or unpackaged products with ease.

Our checkweigher scales are highly accurate and will provide flawless results every time.  Our scales can be configured in an NTEP and Measurements Canada-approved design, if desired.  We also include a unique serial number on each of our checkweigher scales.  These serial numbers help your company save time when ordering replacement parts, upgrading your checkweigher scale, or requesting detailed information about your product.

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light

In-Motion Checkweigher with Alarm Light and Reject Mechanism

WeighMore® food-grade checkweigher scales ensure that all of your plant’s products comply with legal specifications regarding pack weights.  You can rest easy knowing that our checkweigher scales are accurately measuring your product’s weight and eliminating any products that are either underweight or overweight.

We want to be the first choice for your automated measuring needs!  This is why we strive to be number one in the technology and design of our food-grade checkweigher scales.  Our motto is “One Source For All Your Measuring Needs.”

Download our PDF Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

Our food-grade checkweigher scales can double or triple your product line speeds, saving you time by weighing multiple products for the cost of a single machine.
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