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Oct 22, 2013

If you are going to be competitive and stay profitable, you need to put information into and through your Hot Scale Station effectively and accurately.

It takes an efficient monorail scale system and Human Machine Interface (HMI) to accomplish these tasks.

In the case of a in-motion or dynamic monorail scales, let’s look at top end speed as measured by the National Type Evaluation Program, or NTEP(NTEP has been established by The National Conference On Weights And Measures as a means of ensuring national standards are met before equipment is allowed in the market place).

monorail scale

Weighments Per Hour

Swine: This single specification tells volumes about the capability of this product. The NTEP Certificate of Conformance says the scale can process 2,150 hogs per hour. The same for lambs. That is productivity. That is ROI.

How much more ROI and productivity than the competition?  Brand X tops out at 1,700 weighments per hour. Brand Y redlines at a mere 1,320 weighments per hour.

Beef: The difference is just as stark in beef processing plants. Our High Accuracy (HA) Monorail can process beef carcasses at a blazing fast 1,100 drafts per hour. Brand X and Brand Y share second place with 900 weighments per hour.

With all those trolleys going through with all that speed a plant manager might suspect there is a trade off in scale capacity. But once again, our HA Monorail stands tall with a capacity of 750 lbs. Brand X is limited to 600 lbs. Brand Y can only handle 500 lbs for its hog and lamb scale and 700 lbs for its beef model.

Once you put the cash in the register, why would you want to take some back out and give it away due to rounding or the division size of your Hot Scale?

monorail scale

 Division Size

Our HA Monorail Scale is the leader with an NTEP approved division size of 0.2 lbs.

High Accuracy In-Motion Monorail Scale_04

Depending on the indicator selected, Brand X can be limited to 0.5 lbs, as is Brand Y. Brand Y only gets to the 0.2 lb sensitivity for its hog and lamb scale model.

From the purchase price to the amount of return on investment you can generate, it’s clear that comparison is worth your effort!

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