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Oct 23, 2014

Over the years, our control enclosures and human machine interfaces (HMIs) have evolved drastically. Our long-standing offering, the Scale Data System (SDS) HMI, is a combination of all of the indicator and interface knowledge that we have developed over the years. Now, it is used as the sole foundation for almost all of our new products including checkweighers that we are shipping out, and for good reason.

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SDS 17-inch HMI Interface

In the past, our old control enclosures used to consist of a simple stainless steel enclosure with a smart (programmable)  panel-mounted weight indicator mounted in the face. It did what we needed, but it didn’t offer us the power, programming control, or the user-friendliness that we desired from a color touchscreen.

We also built HMIs that were making use of touchscreens, industrial computers, PCs and industrial controllers, which performed well in all of the categories except for the fact that they had to be interfaced to an exterior simple weight indicator. It just made sense to combine the weight indicator with a smart HMI and process controller that could function as the foundation for many of our systems including our checkweighers and conveyor scales. Faster-Processing-Smaller-Footprint

The real advantage for the whole system is the seamless integration of the VBS weight indicator functionality into the SDS HMI. This is important because it allows the system to function at a much higher speed. It processes load cell A-D values at a much greater usable rate, which is roughly 33% more than other leading weight indicators. This means that often conveyor scales can be shorter because the necessary averaging times decrease with the increased processing rate.

The HMI is equipped with a washdown sealed 17” touchscreen monitor which allows easy control and viewing for plant environments. This is a major step up in usability over traditional weight indicators and controls. Using an industrial controller allows us to program the HMI exactly how you need your process to work.

Having control of the programming allows us to include features that are non-existent in other offerings and it makes updating a much smoother process. The SDS still has all of the unique features that our other enclosures are known for, such as rain gutters and foam sealed cable entry for washdown rating.

A simple, compact design makes the SDS usable as a standalone system as well as an accompaniment to dozens of other systems besides our conveyor scales and checkweighers. The versatility allows us to make this a regular addition to many products.

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SDS Industrial Controller

SDS Industrial Controller PDF

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