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Mar 15, 2013

Hide plants can reduce their labor costs, improve the ergonomics for their workers, and maximize profits  with our Hide Sortation System.

Here’s how it works:

Push Button Grading

A hide on an overhead chain passes by an operator at the grade station.The operator makes a selection from the choices presented on the grading panel, such as native, butt, coloy, bull, vow, or one of several special grades important to your operation.

With the press of a button on a panel, the initial grading is complete.

Automatic Weighing and Distance Encoding

The hide proceeds to a dynamic scale (our WeighMore® In-Motion Monorail Hide Scale would be a great choice) which determines the weight of the hide while in motion.A switch is then activated to begin tracking the travel distance of that hide.

Hide Monorail Scale

Hide Monorail Scale

Based on your weight parameters for each grade that is stored in the system’s computer, the hide continues to its designated drop area.

Hides that do not meet any of the defined parameters continue on the conveyor chain and can be deposited in the raceway or a general drop.

Communication Lights

As a drop tub nears its capacity, a warning light is activated alerting the fork lift driver to get there soon.

When a tub becomes full that drop becomes unavailable and the beacon light signals that it is time to change the tub.

As soon as one tub is cleared and an empty tub is in place, the fork lift operator can re-activate that drop through a touchscreen display.

Instant Information

Performance reporting can be sent to an office where display equipment allows management the ability to review production reports in real time.

Typically, plants like to track grand total, tannery totals, and raceway totals by grade and weight range.  Our system will maintain a 30-day file of information on-board for retrieval in case of a network failure.

Remote Support

Additionally, if you allow us to have access to your network through the internet, our ability to support and help you maintain your system can often be done remotely…without the time and expense of a site visit.

Hide Sortation Monorail Scale Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

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