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Oct 14, 2013

Manual case labeling systems are very widely used in the industry today. There is also the thought of “let’s buy what we need today and worry about the future when it comes.”

This is a common misconception.

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When looking for a good manual case labeling system, take a moment to look into the future. Look at what your current needs are and what they could possibly be in a couple years.

  • Do you plan on growing the business?
  • How many boxes per minute could you need to do then?

These are some of the questions you should look at.

If your current case labeling needs are at a low volume, where you are splitting the duties of a person to do other jobs beside the case labeling, a manual unit should do just fine. We have systems available that can keep your cost down and still offer you a system that is user friendly and will meet your current needs.

The difference could be in the controller. You can use a smart indicator on the scale that will also hold your label formats and send all of the information to the printer for a hand applied label. We also have human machine interface (HMI) controllers that offer more options for your manual case labeling needs.

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17-in SDS Touchscreen HMI

If you have many PLU’s and a bunch of different label formats you may need to go with the HMI. The HMI can offer you a touchscreen option with hot keys that speed up lines. The HMI’s can integrate scanners to speed up the labeling process. There is the ability to send raw data back to your server for inventory control purposes, and the list goes on.


Now let’s look into the future: your business grows and you have a person case labeling full time with your manual system. You look at the cost of that person and decide to expand your current system into an auto case labeling system. Here is where a little planning before you bought your manual system can pay off.

If you had decided to go with a HMI, you can continue to use the HMI and upgrade to an auto print and apply system. You have saved the cost of a controller and your label information is already in the unit. So when looking at buying a manual box labeling system, stop and look into the future!

What could your future needs be?

See how we can give you options that offer savings down the road, if and when you need to upgrade to a faster unit!

Manual Box Labeling Brochure

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