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Oct 29, 2014

While we spend a lot of focus on conveyor scales and checkweighers, they aren’t the only in-motion scale variants that we work with. The flow scale is a specific type of conveyor scale that comes in very useful when you aren’t really looking for individual weights as much as accumulated weights.

Flow Scale to Weight Bulk or Aggregate Product

Flow Scale to Weight Bulk or Aggregate Product

The design of a flow scale is very similar to any other conveyor scale, but it handles the weighing process and the data that it processes quite differently. With a conveyor scale, the normal way of operating requires that only one product passes over the scale at a time. The scale takes a number of weight readings as the product passes over it, and that allows the system to come up with an accurate weight average to assign to that product.

On the other hand, flow scales are perfect for a plant that doesn’t need the weight of every product but still wants to know their daily totals. There are many industries, such as particle or aggregate product type, where this could specifically come in handy.

When working with bulk product where weighing each individual piece is a useless endeavor, a flow scale is a great fit. Things like bacon bits or anything that comes in small chunks or pieces can’t be weighed on an individual basis because that would take a ridiculous amount of time and there wouldn’t be any gain out of it.

The flow scale works by taking weight readings every time a whole scale length has passed. This means that the scale weighs a scale’s length in product for every reading before allowing a new scale’s length in product to take its place. Summing all of these readings up gives you a total weight of the throughput for a given period of time.

Having these weight totals helps a plant to understand its throughput which can in turn help management to know how efficiently their processes are working. With small product, there are many steps where you can lose product, so this data can aid in the analysis of those points of loss.

Having data is important in any business, so if you deal with bulk product, this might be a good solution if you don’t have the information you are looking for.


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