How Existing Data is Integrated Into a VBS System

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Aug 27, 2014

The simplistic answer to this common question is basically that it is a form of electronic copy and paste. When data is maintained in a host data base, our programming department can provide for necessary information to be selected and introduced through a retrieval program. Data is usually maintained in tables such as those in SQL format data bases. A program is written for the respective database to select desired data and place it in an applicable information table for export and use in a system as necessary.

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Commonly, weight data from a scale system is simply stored on the indicator and is provided on demand from a program that we have developed on a host computer. This program subsequently provides the communication necessary for data transfer to occur between the indicator and SQL or other database.  The type of cabling between hardware may be either serial cable or ethernet cable depending on desired form of communication and speed requirements.

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As with any project and especially when data integration is required, there should be a thorough review of the overall data process and utilization. Sometimes, there are artificial boundaries in the form of the left hand unintentionally not interacting sufficiently with the right hand to realize organizational information efficiency. Although information security is of prime concern for operations, it should not be a barrier to a company’s organizational efficiency. Often times, the round table discussions on data needs and use will result in a better understanding and greater appreciation of other operational activities of the company.

The end goal is to provide the necessary data when and where it is needed. The data could be integrated in labeling and also required in product tracking and accounting.

SDS Industrial Controller

SDS Industrial Controller

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