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May 22, 2014

A customer with a small meat locker called with a problem with his static monorail scale. His current static monorail scale was a lever system with a mechanical dial scale in need of major overhaul.

in motion monorail scale

Although these scales are a marvel of aged ingenuity, it really isn’t cost effective to spend time and money in parts and labor to repair these large devices. Of course, that is a matter of opinion. Some people are persistent in their appreciation and desire to maintain and utilize older equipment. In today’s modern world of scale measurement equipment, unless minimal time and adjustment is required, older dial scales should be allocated to the museum as the relics in time that they are. Certainly, this type of scale, once repaired, may function for a long time without problems, but then again, it might not. At best, the customer would have a functional piece of 50 year old mechanical equipment.

Static Monorail Scales

Static Monorail Scales

The logical solution offered here, was to eliminate the large footprint of the old dial scale and mechanical lever system with the installation of a our single load-cell monorail and electronic indication. In some cases, when the lever system is in great shape, you can connect it to an electronic S – load-cell to be both efficient and economical. A load-cell can be soundly attached between the ceiling and lever assembly.  Thus the transverse lever, poise rod, and dial assembly can be completely eliminated.

As the static monorail lever system is still functional, incorporating the electronics of the weight indicating system will provide a rapid weight indication in a fraction of time and space previously required and adds the additional benefit of an electronic output of data. Thus, a cost effective solution to an existing problem is available.

Static Monorail Scale Brochure

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