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May 11, 2013

Roller conveyors have been a common staple in most packaging environments for quite some time, so it might come as a surprise that it is possible to improve their design, but we have improved the standard of roller conveyors to meet industry needs.

Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor

The average gravity roller conveyor is composed of a frame that holds a line of tube rollers that allow products to move across them smoothly without requiring power input from a motor.

Slight inclines cause the product to coast over the rollers.

They are often seen in shipping centers, but they are used in many other environments, including the food industry.

The strict cleaning protocols in food-related plants means that the equipment should be washdown-ready.

Our easy-to-clean roller conveyors have several unique features that qualify them for this specific task.

easy to clean conveyor

The first feature, which is common in most of our conveyors, is the stainless steel angle iron construction for the conveyor’s frame.

Most other conveyor frames out there use things like square tube to form the body. We avoid this because square tube is difficult to clean on the inside and it has more surface area to allow for microbial buildup.

The second feature that makes our roller conveyors so easy to clean is the fact that we seal each roller.

Commonly, rollers are made out of open-ended, hollow tubing. This hollow tubing allows a lot of internal surface area for bacteria to latch onto, and it also makes them difficult to clean, as it does with a square-tubing frame.

We solved this particular problem by capping the ends of our rollers with covers that house tight-fitting bearings.

These bearings allow the rollers to spin freely while keeping contaminants from being trapped inside the tubes.

This is just an example of how we take common industry staples and reshape them into something that solves a specific need.

Take a look at our Easy-To-Clean Conveyor applications and request a quote to ensure that you have the best washdown-ready equipment to optimize your processes.

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