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Oct 16, 2013

If you have a need for a corner-wrap labeler, here are some important things to consider. We continue to see companies wanting a case label on the side as well as the end of each and every case. This can be accomplished in at least 2 different ways. Let’s look at both.

automatic labeling

Dual applicators:

By using two printer/applicators, we can certainly get the same label on each case running down your line in any two locations. The first print and apply would print and apply the side label, while the second would be printed and applied by either an end apply swing arm or by running the case into an end stop where the label can be tamped onto the end of the box. We have had a request for labels on both sides of the box. This application can only be achieved with a Print and Apply on both sides of your line. The controller can easily send all of your label information to as many Print and Applys that you need.

automatic labeling system

Dual Bottom Printers/Labelers

Corner-wrap applicator:

There are true corner-wrap applicators being used for this application each and every day. Instead of having a 3” X 4” label on the side and end of each case, we print a 3” X 8” label with the same information on both halves. The Print and Apply then has a swing arm that takes the label and slaps half of the label onto the leading edge of the case and rubs the label around the corner onto the side of the case. You now have a label on the leading end and on the side of the case and you have done it with just one Printer Applicator.

There are some limitations with this application method that you need to be aware of.

  1. Cases per min drops down to approximately 15 – 20 cases per minute, depending on the size of the label. It is a matter of just how many inches the printer can print per second and the time it takes to apply the label.
  2. The size of the label really comes into play here. If you are currently applying a 5” X 6” case label, with a corner-wrap you would have a 5” X 12” label. Compare the total square inches with a 3” X 8” label, and you will have 60 sq. in. vs. 24 sq. in. This is a huge difference.
  3. You need proper indexing with each and every case. There needs to be enough room between the cases for the applicator arm to rotate out and return. This can be easily accomplished by pulling a gap on the labeling line.

automatic labeling

All of the above being said, feel confident that you can have case labels on any and all sides of the cases you are producing. Pursue your idea with a supplier that knows what they are doing and that already has experience with different methods of label application.

Automatic Box Labeling Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

Download our PDF Brochure

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