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Oct 7, 2013

When choosing and setting up a top and bottom labeler, it is important that you understand all of the different variables that go into top and bottom labeling. The options that you have when it comes to labeling are quite expansive.

automatic labeling

Dual Top and Bottom Labeler permits label change-out without stopping line

One of the bigger choices you have to make is whether you will be doing print & apply or apply only. This makes a large impact on how fast the operation can go. Print & apply systems are limited by the print speed, but they allow you to print a variety of labels on the fly. Apply only systems are more suitable for high speed processes because all of the labels they use are pre-printed. We have seen speeds of over 100 pieces per minute in certain industries with this type.

Another big factor in the effectiveness of your labeler is the conveyor configuration and the ease of adjustment. We design specific mounts which attach bottom labelers to the labeling conveyor. They use a crank system to make easy up-down and left-to-right adjustments. This makes the labeler easy to realign and adjust for label size changes.


Conveyor configuration can change label placement entirely, so it is very important. Conveyors need to be lined up straight and leveled at the same height. When setting up labeling conveyors, we also use a slave drive linked to the previous conveyor so that their speeds match exactly.

Applicator types are important because certain types work better for certain products. There are air-powered blow-on applicators, tamping pistons, and wipe-on applicators which all fit different purposes. There are even direct inkjet labelers for boxes. They can print words and images directly onto the box without attaching a physical label.

Labeling technology is advancing all the time and it might be confusing to find the perfect system on your own. We spec out top bottom labelers to meet any specific needs you might have. This saves you the time, money, and heartache of trying to find the right system yourself.

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