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Dec 1, 2013

A common request and need in the market that we run into is the need for metal detection for in-motion products.

metal detector

Metal Detector on a 24-in side conveyor

There are a handful of specific things that we focus on when building conveyors and sizing detection apertures for this sort of scenario.

We have to be careful in the construction of the conveyor.

Any pieces normally made out of metal which might cross the electrical field, must be instead constructed out of a plastic or other material, or the frame itself would trigger a response from the metal detector’s electrical field.

You have to be careful when changing certain components to plastic to make sure that the conveyor is still structurally stable at all points.

This might require a little extra reinforcement in certain areas.

The aperture itself has to be sized and calibrated to fit the intended application as well, so knowing the product to be handled is a necessity.

First of all, it is best to size an aperture in a way that will most closely fit the intended product. This makes calibration easier because the electric field is more easily disturbed by incoming metal if it is smaller.

Second, the calibration is very important because while certain materials like iron (ferrous metals) are relatively simple to detect, metals like stainless steel require more precision to detect because they do not affect the electromagnetic field to the same extent.

After all of these things are taken care of, we can make a metal detector function like a checkweigher does with incorrect weights. Connecting a divert is something we do regularly so that products can be rejected immediately if they contain metal fragments.

We are experienced when it comes to seamlessly integrating metal detection into our various systems. You can trust us to set up the smoothest metal detection operation possible in your plant!

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