The Challenges of Constructing Easy-To-Clean™ Conveyor Systems

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Oct 3, 2013

We have discussed the benefits and strengths of using an Easy-To-Clean™ Clean In Place Conveyor Systems previously, especially for those companies who need the utmost in food safety and clean room environments, but what you may not know about is the outstanding level of precision and quality that our employees have to put into every single one!

Skilled craftsmen are needed when machining, cutting, and fabricating an Easy-To-Clean™ Clean In Place Conveyor System. Specialized fabrication is necessary to ensure that no bacteria can be left on the conveyors during the washdown process.

conveyor system

Easy-To-Clean Conveyor with Open Frame Design

Basically, the easier something is to wash, the easier it is to make sure that no bacteria is present after washdown.

Precision welding and cutting is a must so that all the parts can have the best fit possible. No gaps or undercut welds can be present in the final product. Both of these mistakes in welding can trap bacteria during washdown because the bacteria settles into grooves that the wash can’t quite get into.

Great care in the design is also quite important. The design team needs to space bolted parts apart to allow for a maximum level of cleaning access. They do this by using various spacers and standoffs to spread the nooks and crannies.

conveyor system

After everything has been polished and inspected for pin holes and undercutting, the assembly begins. The assembly crew needs to make sure that everything has the right alignment. The tight alignments of drive belts, return runners, and drive sprockets (among many other things), are responsible for a smooth-running drive belt and a steady belt transition. You need these things to ensure that your product isn’t bouncing around on the conveyor, which could negatively impact the weighing process when paired with an in-motion checkweigher.

After all this, the great care and attention to detail in our products should be quite obvious.


As a whole, the machine must be easy to clean, smoothly operating, and finely adjusted. To have a consistent, functional piece of equipment, you need to take the time and hard work to do it right!

If you need a manageable conveyor for your plant or operation, and you need to keep it squeaky clean then, do yourself a favor and take a look at some of the Easy-To-Clean™ conveyor products that we have to offer!

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