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Jan 22, 2014
in motion monorail scale

Static Monorail Scale

We had a customer who once purchased an in-motion monorail scale from us in the painted steel variety, and it worked very well for them, but the day came when they decided to upgrade their whole facility. They initially wanted to keep the same scale, but that would turn out to be difficult. Since the installation of the first scale, cleaning chemicals and processes have changed immensely to a much more corrosive variety. Because of the condition of their scale, it didn’t quite meet up to modern standards. They were using it daily up until the date of remodeling. The overhaul of their plant dictated that it would have to be replaced.

monorail scale

Their only real remaining option was to buy a new monorail scale. To meet modern standards and improvements, we outfitted them with a new high-accuracy in-motion monorail scale. It was more advanced and had stainless steel construction that put it several steps above its predecessor. Moving scales is difficult with these standards, so we are always available for a quality upgrade.

in motion monorail scale

Heavy Duty In-Motion Shackle Scale – Front View

A different plant moved a scale of ours from one location to another, and while it initially seemed to go well, they found another problem. The issue was in their structural support for the scale.

After setting up a new structure and moving the scale, they started to notice regularly decreasing accuracy. Our service team eventually came to inspect it and quickly found the problem. When it was installed, the scale placement was spot on and accuracy was high, but the plant’s physical structure actually settled so that the scale structure was lower than the rest of the rail. This caused stress on the scale through shock loading which caused it to wear down faster and have inaccurate weighments.

We were able to solve all of these issues before the plants got in serious trouble because we have numerous years of experience with monorail scales. If you are looking for service or repair on monorail scales or a high quality replacement, you can be sure that we can do that for you. Get in touch with us today.

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