What Can You Sort, Grade, or Classify Using Conveyor Scale Systems?

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Oct 22, 2013

Some of you may be wondering: “What can I automatically sort, grade, or classify with the equipment that is out there today?”

With the type of equipment that we offer, we usually think of sorting by weight. We are capable of weighing anything and most of the time we can do it in motion. Today, even semis are capable of being weighed as they travel down the road at 70 MPH. In many places, items are being weighed and check-weighed by the gram and less. Once the user has a given weight, sorting is possible and can be done quite easily.

Now let’s add grading.

carcass grading

Grading is the term where we are adding another factor to sorting. Yes, you can grade by weight, but what if you need to grade by color or quality? Systems are being developed each and every day with an in-motion conveyor scale and a vision system that has the ability to grade and sort.


Vision systems have the ability to see color, to see the marbling in a piece of meat, to determine the thickness of the given object, and much more. Vision is being used to do Q.A. on just about every type of application there is.

When we sort and/or grade with vision, you need software that has specific parameters on which to measure what classification the product falls into. We then will know what needs to be done with the product being graded. If you enter the weight back into the equation, you have another set of parameters to work with. If you have done your set up properly, weight and grade will fall into specific classifications.

There is one other way of grading that is being done today in a number of applications, “human grading,” with the assistance of technology. Vision camera’s today have a tremendous amount of ability; however, they do not decipher information in the same manner as a human does. There are systems in place today where we have developed touchscreens giving the grader access to just touch an area on the touchscreen indicating a change in grade or an abnormality to the specific product area.

Add in a weight and now with proper software you have as many classifications as you need.

Carcass Grading Brochure

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