Can You Solve Problems with Increasing Plant Speeds?

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Feb 5, 2014

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One of the biggest dilemmas in modern industry is the desire to speed everything up to match ambitions, but it often doesn’t turn out that easy. There are usually a number of technological limitations and roadblocks to get by.

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This is a difficulty when conveyor systems are involved because the assumption that turning the belt speed or the VFD (variable-frequency drive) up will make everything work faster immediately, but this is often a mistake. While a VFD on a conveyor can essentially speed the conveyor up, the software might be set for dealing with the previous speed, causing the quality of your data to go downhill.

Even if you manage to adapt the programming yourself, there is still a danger that the system isn’t physically capable of handling what you want it to. Motors are usually chosen for the initial speed with some head room for a speed up in the future, but pushing them too hard would put a lot of stress on the system.

We do a lot of work in speeding up plants on systems of all sorts. Rather than just turning up the speeds on your conveyors, it is best to get in touch with someone who knows how the whole system works. If the system has the physical capability to run faster, there might be an entirely different problem keeping the system from its maximum potential.

On the software side of things, our programming team can take the desired speeds in a plant and provide an upgrade that will make a more optimized match. This will often allow you to have a similar accuracy with a higher speed.

There are certain things that can’t just be sped-up without some work as well. A labeling system, for example, is limited by print and application speeds. Speeding this system up would most likely require more labelers and more space to work with. Similarly, conveyor scales require a reasonable averaging time to achieve best results, so speeding them up might sacrifice your accuracy if the conveyor scale was not long enough in the first place.

We provide service on systems and will help you get the most out of them. If you would like us to take a look at your plant to see if we can get more throughput on the system, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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