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Oct 10, 2013

You may have several conveyor lines in different areas of production operations and desire to join those lines together at various points. Space is always a premium and such activity such as automatically merging material to specified locations can be a masterful stroke in overall efficiency.

indexing conveyor

Two indexers that transfer product onto a merging conveyor for single file processing

For example, various items could be packaged and sent on their way to a shipping location. As items head on their way from one department, they could be weighed, labeled, and sorted accordingly to specific shipping points. The items may be relocated to other conveyors by pneumatic push, pull, or drop divert actions according to specified settings in a control system. Controls can be triggered by weight, label designation, or simply set dimensions recognized and triggered by photo eye placement.

Sometimes items simply come to a main conveyor belt by virtue of progression down gravity fed rollers and subsequently dropping lightly in a specified place. Physical placement may sometimes be introduced according to mechanical manipulation. For example, a box may be held in place or released according to a triggering device. Most often, this is referred to as an indexing system.

In addition to indexing placement, items sometimes gravitate, or are power merged by use of directional belting. This may occur prior to, or in conjunction at the point where one belt meets up with another. Speed is sometimes increased on some belting to enhance product separation prior to other possible activities down the processing road.

indexing conveyor

Dual Indexers that feed product onto a merging conveyor

Occasionally, where hand selection of small circular containers is necessary, product is introduced from a smooth angular belt a smooth circular table where people may be gathered to provide specifically required manipulation and handling.

In some cases, such activity may be entirely robotic.

Thus, there are many methods of conveyor convergence. You just need to determine what is logical, efficient, and economically correct for your needs.

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