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Oct 16, 2013

Box Conveyor Systems That Give You The Best Cost of Ownership!

A box conveyor system is an inexpensive, versatile conveyor used in many different applications. They help reduce labor cost by efficiently moving boxes throughout the plant.


Speed is an important factor in manufacturing today. Effective box conveyor systems can reduce handling time and human errors, saving you money on the costs associated with human resources. 

Here, a box conveyor system is being used in a pack-off room by utilizing traffic cops, 180º turns, box indexers, conveyor scales, box scanners, box labeling, and diverts – all working together to weigh, label, sort, and deliver the boxes to the proper palletizing station.

box turning conveyors_04

Box conveyors can be designed with an incline or decline to move boxes over exiting conveyors or to other levels in your plant. They are a cost effective way of moving product throughout your plant without having to redesign exiting lines.

Radius-turn box conveyors are a good solution to moving boxes in confined space, eliminating the need to redesign the plant.

Turning devices are used to insure that your boxes are positioned properly to enter the next station, (example turned to face the correct direction so a label can be applied properly to the box).

Regardless of your need, a box conveyor system can help eliminate many of the hassles of moving your product around the plant. A well designed box conveyor system will save you money and reduce the errors of manually handling boxes.

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Download our PDF Brochure

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