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If you have people in your plant that are hand applying pre-printed labels, we hope you are thinking about replacing that person with a unit that will apply your labels automatically.

There are units available that can label the top, bottom and/or side of your package and do multiples of any of the above.

These units show up every day, do not need a break and do not have an attitude!

top and bottom labeling

Top and Bottom Labeler with Extra printers – permits label change-out while line is still operating

It is also possible to add printing capabilities to all of the above: either thermal direct or thermal transfer.

Let’s look at what factors contribute to success or failure for the process.

What are the conditions in which the unit has to run?

These applicators like dry, warm, draft-free environments to work in.

We realize that these conditions are only applicable in very few instances and it is possible that your applicators need to be in wet, cold, drafty conditions. However, these conditions can be overcome; they need to be addressed prior to purchasing equipment.

What type of package are you labeling?

Is the package fragile, quite stable, an over wrapped package or possibly a domed lid tray. Each and every product usually needs a different type of label application. There are wipe on, blow on, tamp, rotary and piston applicators that can be used to place the label in the correct position each and every time.

Are the products being delivered with the proper spacing?

Indexing (spacing) is very important to a labeler. The operating cycle of an auto labeler is triggered with a photo eye. Labelers can run at speeds often as high as 130 products per minute (PPM), so indexing is a very important part of the process.

Lastly, what type of label are we trying to apply?

The label being applied is everything; Cold, damp labels are tough to work with – they are stiff and the glue is cold.

The size of the label along with the thickness of the label consistently present challenges to labeling.

Units are available today that will apply as many labels as you need, there really is no limit to how many applicator heads you have and each can have a different type of application.

Printing of labels and/or printing a code date or “Use/Freeze By” date on pre-printed labels can be done with either thermal transfer (ink ribbon) or thermal direct capabilities.

Make sure your supplier knows the various details outlined in this article.

If you communicate the above information with a supplier, your chances of success are much greater.

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