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Apr 5, 2013

As the Process Engineer and I walked through his food plant, I could hardly believe my eyes.

There stood a massive stainless steel machine, reaching up to nearly touch the two-story ceiling, filling vacuum sealed pouches.

“What does something like that cost,” I asked.

“Right around $500,000,” was his reply, “not counting the programming costs.”

Then he added, “It has never quite performed as promised.  We’d like to move it to a different area and try it with a different product, but that would require a massive plant redesign.”

I began to tell him about our portable Automated Filling Hopper Scales Systems that typically cost less than half of what he had paid, including programming costs.

“Portable?  Less than half the cost?”  His face looked a little pale.

“We build them to take products from slicers, mixers, grinders, choppers, or even whole products or ingredients,” I continued, “and convey those products to a bottom garner – hopper scale system designed to weigh and fill from one to four packages or pouches at a time.”

“And we communicate with the vacuum sealing machine, so that the two systems work together to keep product moving.”

“Well that’s one feature that my half-million dollar machine does as well as yours,” he quipped.  “But tell me about clean up.”

“We design our systems for quick disassembly and reassembly so they can be thoroughly cleaned,” I said. “They are absolutely built with Food Safety and USDA inspections in mind. And we can also integrate other inspection systems with our automated filling system, such as metal detection, for even more peace of mind.”

“A portable, low-cost, safe Automated Filling System,” he mused, “I wish I had known about this before.  But I will definitely give you guys a call for my next one.”

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