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May 21, 2013

The food industry is brimming with needs because of the variety of different processes required so that we can have convenience in the food products that we consume on a daily basis.

Filling is the process of taking a large quantity of product and packaging it into smaller easier to handle quantities.

net weight filler

Currently, we make an automatic filling hopper system that uses hoppers and load cells in unison to fill containers to a predetermined weight(see left).

This system has been used for filling bacon bits, pepperoni, and frozen meat chunks, but the system is capable of handling nearly any product that needs to be packaged in quantity to feed various vacuum packaging equipment!

One of the most important pieces of this system is the garner hopper.

It is a scale hopper system that allows the filling process to run continuously.

The garner hopper is the first hopper that the product falls into off of the conveyor. Its purpose is to merely keep product flowing by cutting off flow into the main hopper while the product is being dispensed.

This effectively gives the lower main hopper a more static amount of product to weigh,improving accuracy.

Small product on a conveyor can pile up when the conveyor is stopped, so this continuous flow is very important in depositing a consistent amount of product, which is key for accurate measurement.

net weight fillers

The garner hopper does not have the capability to slowly dribble product into the lower hopper (a common misconception). It remains open until the lower hopper is ready to dispense the product. When the lower hopper reaches its intended weight, the garner hopper closes, while the lower hopper opens to distribute the product.

If the amount in the garner hopper is too large when it reopens, the impact of said product on the main hopper’s load cell could register much higher, possibly fooling the hopper into believing that it is full.

Our engineering team custom-sizes the hoppers for your operation to ensure that the garner hopper does not hold too much product during distribution so that you don’t have to worry.

This automatic filling hopper system may seem fairly complex, but this allows you to perform an important task in the processing industry in a quick and efficient manner.

This is just one example in a long line of innovative solutions that we make for your industry, so contact us today or request a quote to fulfill your filling and scale needs!

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