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Jan 17, 2014

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Filling vacuum formed pouches, bags, or boxes through a manual process may seem like a simple way to complete an important production step in many food plants, but manual filling has several drawbacks.  The main problems often are:

  • High labor costs
  • Introduction of contaminants into products
  • Missed production targets from absenteeism

As we visited many of our customers they asked if we could design and build an automated system that could take products such as sliced pepperoni, bacon bits, jerky, or poultry cuts and place those products in formed pouches, bags, and boxes.

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The automatic filling systems that we came up with increased filling efficiencies and produced a return on investment, in many cases, that exceeded the customers’ expectations.  In some situations our customers went from four employees filling pouches to one person monitoring the process and making small adjustments to pouches when necessary, such as an occasional piece of product landing on a seam.

In addition to those labor costs savings, having fewer people handling products means that there is a reduced risk of contaminants and pathogens getting introduced into your food products.

Our automatic filling systems are designed with food safety in mind.  They can be disassembled quickly and easily for daily clean up and sanitation.  That means they do not miss work or even show up late.

Another advantage we provide in the automatic filling systems category is that we also manufacture in-motion checkweighers.  By integrating an in-motion checkweigher in the same line, you can make sure that you do not ship underweight products to your customers and also make sure that you are maximizing your production efficiency by sending over weight packages to re-work.

If you are manually filling vacuum formed pouches, bags, or boxes give us a call to discuss your application and see if we can help increase your production levels, improve your product integrity, and lower your overall costs.

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