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Jan 1, 2013

Trolley Vision® RF: Does Radio Frequency Work in Tracking Trolleys?

Radio Frequency (RF) trolley tracking has been around for years, it has been developed, tested, proven, patented and disproved more than once.

Trolley Vision RF Tracking Components

Trolley Vision RF Tracking Components

We have even developed, tested and sold RF trolley tracking systems, and they work and they work well.

The question is, “Will the systems available on the market today work in your plant?”

Before you get started even thinking about using a RF system in your plant, you will want a study done on what stray frequency levels you currently have floating around in your plant.

There is a cost associated with this, however you need this prior to finding a transponder frequency that will work and be able to be read.

Now you have done your testing and you have a frequency that works in your plant, your problems are over…or are they?

What if one of your drives starts to go out creating electrical noise??

These types of equipment emit a radio frequency all the time; once things change in the drive or motor, the frequency they emit changes, now we could have a problem reading the transponder that we did not have before.

Let’s say we are willing to take the risk, what else could possibly go wrong?

Well there are other things that can affect the readability of transponders like, florescent lights, CB radios, electric motors and more.

You need to find a frequency that is the least effected by interference from outside frequencies.

You could do one other thing; you can use a Read/Write Transponder.

You can attach information to these chips and get information off of them.

However, they do still have the problem of frequency interference.

What if you miss the read on one and/or are notable to attach a piece of information to one, you be the judge of what the result will be.

The read/write chips are better than the passive chips.

The question is, are they worth the chance of loosing valuable information, oh and by the way, read/write chips are more expensive.

If you want to start tracking trolleys, take a good look at RF; they’re worth looking at.

Then look at what else is available on the market to accomplish the same thing.

Consider Vision Systems such as Trolley Vision® that offer extremely high durability and reliability!

RF Trolley Vision Tracking Brochure

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