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Dec 11, 2014

Rotary Turntables: Customizing For Price and Performance

They go by many names and descriptions such as pack off turntables, accumulation disks, rotary conveyors, or even lazy Susans.  We usually refer to them as rotary turntables.  Whatever you choose to call them, the basic idea is the same.  They are an inexpensive way to hold products in a small area while keeping them in motion.

Rotary Turntable permits accumulation of product while always allowing new product to be within arms reach of next stage.

Rotary Turntable permits accumulation of product and also allows product to be within arms reach of next stage.

This can help if you need to manually sort products, mix or match chaotic product, or handle intermittent production surges.

One feature you should give careful attention to is the number of legs to include in your turntable.  Four legs provide a wider center of gravity and therefore greater true stability.

If your products are not particularly heavy you might be better off with a three-leg design.  The advantages of a three-leg rotary turntable design are:

  • Lower purchase price
  • Easier to level
  • Less to clean

Those three advantages are among the reasons we discuss details like that with our customers.  A more narrow center of gravity may not cause any problem depending on the width of the platter and the accumulated weight load.  You might also be able to anchor the feet to the plant floor as a means of compensating for the change in the center of gravity.

Another option to consider is a variable frequency drive (VFD).  If you know that your production rate will always be constant then a fixed number of revolutions per minute could be the way to go.  If there are known fluctuations in production levels, or even staffing levels, a VFD might pay for itself quickly.

3-Leg open frame design permits easy cleaning and lower cost vs. 4-leg design.

3-Leg open frame design permits easy cleaning and lower cost vs. 4-leg design.

Whatever design and options you choose, we are ready to customize your rotary turntable so that it has the features you require at a price that fits your budget.  writing a science essay source url viagra in sri lanka follow essay on my favorite artist research essay length hamlet essay ophelia's insanity essay about your classmates i love winter essay enter site click here follow site thesis greek hero sample introduction for essay writing follow site add research paper dissertation preface examples how to write article essay appic internship essay example security alarm billing clerk resume examples how to write essay paragraph a2 pe coursework 2010 viagra pre contest Give us a call today.