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Dec 4, 2014

Can Product Info and Weight Be Displayed for Hand Scanner Use?

This was the desire expressed by a client recently.  They wanted to use an NTEP “Legal for Trade” certified scale and indicator with a display capable of displaying a barcode with the weight and product information, which could be scanned using a wireless hand scanner.

washdown computers

17-in SDS Touchscreen HMI

However, when confronted with an obstacle to a customers need, we look for a way to meet the need.  The solution in this case, was a custom program for our Scale Data System (SDS) with inclusion of an NTEP certified signal processor, as well as the associated software.

The software would actually interpret the weight and display a barcode on the touchscreen display that represented the weight. The end user was satisfied as they then could use their hand-held barcode scanners to quickly and efficiently obtain the scale weight. This saved the end user the costly process of modifying their hand held scanner host software. We accomplished this task with our SDS 1700 which utilizes a 17-inch NEMA 4X display housed in a stainless steel washdown enclosure.  This full featured color touch screen human machine interface is powered by an enclosed industrial controller utilizing an embedded Windows® environment.  This SDS has the added benefit of NTEP approved weight indicator functions built in. Consequently, programming can provide for the bar code display desired.

Of course, there are additional features available with an SDS such as data management programming, statiscal analysis, as well as Ethernet capabilities.  The fact is that the customer’s need has been met.

SDS Industrial Controller

SDS Industrial Controller

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